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Warrant stands for:

The synonym of warrant is guarantee.

The name has been given to our organisation because we feel that guarantees are often forgotten in our line of business. Which is peculiar, because software development is an exact profession. In other words, it is not that difficult to determine an understandable guarantee policy.

In order to live up the guarantee expectations of our customers we apply the following guidelines:

  1. "Do it correctly, the first time" This oneliner has been borrowed from an IBM slogan in the middle of the eighties. It remains in the 21 century, no less, very true.
  2. "Never change a winning team" Recycle parts that have proved to be of value and make sure that the wheel is not invented multiple times.

These guidelines ensures that the numbers of errors is restricted to a minimum. Even very complex software remains accessable and maintainable in this fashion.

Guarantees are given if software is working different then it has been before, without intervention of third parties and without a suitable explanation in the documentation. But with notification by the contractor within three months after a change made by Warrant.
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