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Warrant's evolution

Warrant has been founded on the first of april 1999. The idea behind the start of Warrant was that software development could be better organized than the methods that were followed by SAP® en Cap Gemini at that time.

Since the start in april 1999 Warrant has had an evolution of itself. The learningproces of Warrant exists out of the following stages:

  1. The development of robust software whixh stands like a house.
  2. To convoy organizations in order to define "Key processes" not only to develop robust software but also to deliver tailor made solutions.
  3. To convoy organizations in order to apply changes in their organisations, not only to develop robust software and to deliver tailor made solutions, but also to support and registrate the natural learningcycle in each organization.

To depict this software development evolution we can use the following images.

Warrant is in a stage of software development which can be compared to the construction of a flyover in heavy traffic conditions. In which the traffic needs to get going. This is an important metaphore which we are using when we do work for our customers. Complementary to the above metaphore is the strive for synergy and integration of processes. Finally we discovered something else when developing software over the years. Symbols play an important role in the fast conduction of new software and in the pleasurable use of software. Similar uniform symbols can be found in the trafficsigns...
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